Integrated Tsunami Watcher Service

      Welcome to Integrated Tsunami Watcher Service site. It is a voluntary service from Indian Techies Zone. Our aim  to provide all live/real-time information about earthquakes and tsunamis in a single and simple window. We integrated, designed a personal warning system  for the Indian east and west-coastal regions for the early warning system. If  "The Force"  wills, we will send the early warning message to your mobile devices. But your mobile must capable of receiving 160 alpha-numeric characters as SMS

       You can add your mobile number to get 100% free of cost,  tsunami early-watcher message as a sms from us. The service is available worldwide mobile phone users. Now we are expanded  the service in to all parts of the coastal areas around the world. Your suggestions, ideas and technical contributions are welcome and we hope to this site provide few valuable information in coastal area residents around the world.

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    Tsunami and Earthquake  information help desk  available in 24x7x365 basis at                             +91.94420.93300

                                                                                                IRIS Seismic Monitor

tsunami warning - IRIS seismic monitor

                                                       Automatic GEOFON Global Seismic Monitor

Automatic GEOFON Global Seismic Monitor

Tsunami Messages for All Regions in Past 30 Days
        by Pacific Tsunami Warning Center
Tsunami Map in the Globe
Welcome to the Rapid Earthquake Viewer!
                   the Rapid Earthquake Viewer
by University of South Carolina

West Coast & Alaska Tsunami Warning Center USGS - Earthquake  Information
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É : +1.907.745.4212
Ê : +1.907.745.6071
H  :
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É : +1.888.275.8747
Ê : +1.703.648.4000
H  :

Pacific Tsunami Warning Center
GFZ Potsdam - Earthquake Bulletin
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 É : +1.808.689.8207
: +1.808.689.4543
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: +49.****.****
 Ê : + 49.****.****
 ™ :
  H :

Joint Australian Tsunami Warning Centre European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre
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É : +61.3.9669.4000
Ê : +61.3.9669.4699
H    :
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É +33.1.*****.*****
H   :

Japan Meteorological Agency
ASEAN Earthquake Information Center
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É : +81.29.853.8538
Ê : +81.29.853.8545
  H :
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 :  ************
H   :

Indian Ocean Tsunami Detector
by  Tea Vui Huang.

The disastrous 26th December 2004 earthquake that struck the unmonitored Indian Ocean has to date caused the death of over 230,000 lives in across 11 countries. Although an international system of buoys and monitoring stations spans the Pacific, no such system guards the Indian Ocean.

Asian governments are currently discussing plans to coordinate efforts to develop an Indian Ocean system. In the current absence, I would like to offer this as an interim aid. While this may not represent the most accurate estimations, it's certainly on the side of caution and probability.

J2ME version
for Mobile Phones with Java

Python version
for Series 60 Mobile Phones

dot JAR
(Beta version)

dot PY                 dot SIS
(Source )        (GPRS required)

Instruction: Please click on "yes" when prompted by the web-browser to accept the Java Applet. If you get a blank screen in the table below, you must install Java Runtime Environment from Sun Micro System's JAVA software manual download page here  Download JRE

Note: This detection system only monitors sea-bound earthquakes around the Burma Microplate that are of Tsunami magnitudes.

You need a java-enabled browser to use this clock

Live data sourced from  United States Geological Survey’s (USGS) Earthquake Hazards Program

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